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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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The Art of Turning Resolutions into Reality.

April 20, 2018


Each year in in or around December we all begin to realize that we are getting ever closer to the beginning of a New Year.  It seems everyone looks forward to a brighter and better future, an all new beginning, to do something life altering in the up coming new year.  I would imagine that you too think the same thing. We all start thinking about and making those resolutions, setting those goals and exploring the dreams youv'e told yourself you are finally going start reaching towards. Don’t worry, I and millions of other people all over the world do the very same thing. 


We take this time of year to bring the past year to an end. We reflect on what did or did not happen, what we did or didn’t do and like most other years what we meant to but never got around to doing.  Maybe it was a great year, maybe it was a bad year or maybe still, it was just a year where nothing special happened. No matter how your year was, about now you are likely thinking about next year,and envisioning some changes that you would like to happen. Taking time to close down and reboot if you will, then on January 1st, your plans are to hit the gate running. A new diet, more exercise, your going to read more, laugh more, be a nicer person, stop being so gullible, look for a new job, …that list can go on forever. We all are looking to the next year as a time to start something that will make our life better.


Did you know that the No.1 resolution set for most people will be to become more physically fit?  It is followed by improving one’s financial situation, improving one’s health, losing weight, and reading more.  But the sad fact is that, according to a survey conducted by time management experts Franklin Covey, a full 35 percent of New Year’s resolutions are broken before the end of January AND only 23 percent of New Year’s resolutions are kept at all.  The survey goes on to say that distraction and being busy doing other things is the main problem. 40 percent blamed it on having too many things to do to keep their commitment. While another 33 percent blames not fulfilling their resolutions on not being committed to the resolutions they made in the first place.  SO, ask yourself this question.  What makes this year any different than every other year thus far? I bet youv'e made some of the very same resolutions last year and the year before that and probably the year before that, right?  So, why is this year going to be any different?


I believe in order to achieve anything, especially NEW goals or resolutions, you need two things:

  • Core Affirmations and

  • Objectives of Achievement. 

Core affirmations:  Positive statements about your life or life in general that represent a core set of positive thoughts that serve to keep you focused no matter what may come your way. These will act like guard rails that keep you on the right path as life comes at you, sometimes faster than you can react. Without taking the time to set these guardrails into place it will become increasingly easier to stray off the path you have chosen to be on.


Life has a way of pushing you off course. First a little off in one direction then a little off in that direction and before you realize it you are not even on the same path you were on in the beginning. This waywardness not only affects resolutions and goals but will also affect your entire life. Is there something you always dreamed of doing or achieving but life always seemed to get in the way?


I recently read Facebook post of a friend that listed her top 10 Core Affirmations to focus on for the upcoming year. I thought they were so fantastic I asked if I could share them. She so graciously agreed. Thank you Roxanne for sharing this awesome list. BTW….You can listen to her radio show Roxanne and Chris on WDJC 93.7 FM ( an Alabama christian radio station).


Roxanne's Excellent Affirmations

  1.  I cannot fail in life.

  2.  When I have done all I can do, I cannot regret what I did not do.

  3. Trouble comes to pass, not to stay.

  4.  I must make a decision about how my day is going to be.

  5. God always delivers what God has promised to deliver.

  6.  I must maintain a power line to the power source.

  7. My greatest challenge will strengthen me.

  8. I have a wonderful imagination that imagines wonderful things for my life.

  9. Fear of failure leads to failure.

  10. Miracles happen every day! 

Objectives of achievement: What would you like to achieve this year? This Month? This week?and if that’s all too far to think about, What would you like to achieve TOMORROW? Notice I did not say today!  


Objects of achievement should always be something you go to bed thinking about so that you will wake up excited about doing it. If you wake up excited about something you get to do today, chances are that you will excel at doing it. If not then each day is only a chore done halfheartedly.


When we sit back and take life as it comes without having a destination in mind or an achievement we are working towards, the only result we can expect is whatever someone else decides it should be.  


Maybe you enjoy that BUT if not! Having an Objective of Achievement to focus on tomorrow will keep you excited and moving towards that goal or achievement you desire. Once you realize that small daily achievements are possible then start setting goals that will take you longer too achieve. Challenges that may take a month, or a year or perhaps 5 years.  They are all possible, they all require daily movement and they all require you to set those Objectives of Achievement to begin with.




Even though I believe the best action you can take to start moving positively forward to a better tomorrow is to actually START. Let me make a few simple suggestions about how to make resolutions that  

1: You will stick with and

2: Will have the power to change you life for the better.


Be Truthful with yourself.      According to the survey I mentioned above, only a small percentage of the people were actually truthful with themselves about what was important to them. Choosing resolutions willy-nilly will only result in one thing.  FAILURE. There is only one reason we don’t move forward with a positive change in our life no matter how good it would be. That is simply a lack of commitment to actually doing something in the first place.


If you want a good indicator of where your commitment is, look no further than your checkbook and your spare time. That’s a bold statement but it reveals the TRUTH about what’s important in your life. You will always find the money or the way to buy something you really want and you will always find time for something you place in a position of importance.


Where does this new resolution fit into your desires that you are willing to commit to?

Get Clear about what you really want:     Think about that one dream you always wanted to do. Maybe its to run a marathon, fit into those skinny jeans, open that business or quit smoking. Whatever it is, big or small, you should be asking yourself a few questions.

  • Is it something that is important to YOU?

  • Is it something you find occupying your thoughts a lot of the time? 

  • Is it something you feel passionate about?  

  • Are you willing to commit to what it takes to make it happen?  

The answers to these questions will help you find that one resolution you can commit to. BUT….

Start with the smallest and easiest:  WHY start with the smallest and easiest?


Because here’s  the magic……Success breeds success!  Achievement breeds more achievement! 


By choosing the smallest and easiest resolution to do first you are assuring yourself of success in achieving it. BUT DON”T THROW AWAY YOUR LIST!   Once you begin to feel success and you have checked off the first item on your resolution list then that success alone will empower you to take on the next challenge. AND  …Success and Achievement in your life brings greater happiness and joy to your every day and a confidence that allows you to achieve more than you ever thought you could. Once you begin to find success in one NEW area of your life you will have the confidence and drive to start knocking out all the other items on that resolution list.


No matter if this is something you are reading at the end of the year or in June....we all have things we would like to achieve, perhaps these simple few things to think about will make the difference THIS TIME!




Look for further discussions about your happiness and success in upcoming posts. Stay Tuned…Better yet sign up to follow by email!


Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and share freely!


Go. Make a difference in someone's life today! – j.buck


Copyright 2018   John Buck/ Maximizing Life /   All Rights Reserved

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