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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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:30 Could Change your life!

April 19, 2018


A single happy thought could have a profound effect on your future.


Tell me that just the sight of that smiling baby doesn't bring a smile to your face also.



  • Otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t float apart.

  • Blind people smile despite having never seen someone smile before. It is just a natural human reaction.

  • Spiders can’t fly! (Woo Hoo! on that one, huh?)

  • The last man to walk on the moon Gene Cernan, promised his daughter he’d write her initials on the moon. He did, and her initials, “TDC,” will probably be on the moon for thousands of years.

  • If you fake laugh long enough, you’ll actually start to laugh really hard.

  • A group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance”.

  • Also, a group of pugs is called a grumble.

  • When you were born, you were for however brief an amount of time, the youngest person on the planet.

  • A chemical called Oxytocin is released when people cuddle, helping to heal physical wounds.

  • Cows have best friends.

  • Rats laugh when tickled.

  • In 1957, the BBC ran a story about how spaghetti was growing on trees in Switzerland. So many people believed the hoax that the BBC was flooded with calls from people asking how to plant their own spaghetti tree.

  • Squirrels forgetting where they put their acorns results in thousands of new trees each year.

  • Worms communicate with one another by snuggling.

  • Some window washers at children’s hospitals surprise the kids by dressing up like superheroes.

  • Somewhere, someone is having the best day of their life…

And last but not least…..

  • Someone is accidentally pushing a door that says “pull.” (Yeah you are picturing that and smiling right now, aren’t you?)

Now that you are smiling (and I know you are)… This was a perfect illustration of how a single happy thought can change your mood almost immediately. It took less than :30 for you to read one of those things listed then for you to smile.    Its that simple....SERIOUSLY!   It makes no difference what mood you were in before you read the list, there was something on that list that automatically brought a smile to your face. Wasn’t there? Be honest.


Let’s consider what just happened. A single thought changed your mood, even if only for a few minutes and with that change in mood your very next thought or decision will always be far better than the thought or decision you may have made had you been in a less happy moody before.  Your mind sees greater opportunities and more positive solutions when its in a positive mode unlike the typical clouded, rash choices and insights your mind has when its in a frustrated or bad state. And its that "BETTER" mindset that influences your thought, choice or decision that could very well be the moment your life changes for the better.


Everyday there are little things that we read, hear or see that reach in to a level that touches our hearts or funny bone and almost immediately, they increases our level of happiness by bringing a smile to our face and altering our view of the world around us almost immediately. It’s almost impossible for such things not to, it’s written into our brains.

A happy thought will always overcome a bad mood.


Ever been in an argument with someone? Then right in the middle of the rage one of you says something or something happens around you that you both find hilarious. Then the laughter begins and almost immediately the argument falls to a distant thought.


I don’t know about you but it doesn’t matter how bad of a mood I’m in, if someone brings a baby for me to hold, whatever it was that had me in a any other mood other than pure happiness just disappeared, I can’t help but to smile, make goofy faces and I’ve somehow also turned into a babbling child.


In either of these examples, something amazing has happened. Happiness overcame everything else you were feeling. It took over as the dominant emotion, overruled any anger, confusion or negative emotion you had and replaced it with new positive perspective.


Here is where the MAGIC happens.

In fact, whatever you were facing before had not gone away, it is likely still there waiting for you to address and handle it, but here is where the amazing magic happens.


Without realizing it…You now have a different mindset, a more positive perspective of the situation. New and different ideas,the ability to see more possible solutions and better answers to the issues that you faced before this moment took place are now part of your thoughts and decision making choices. Its this change in perspective that could CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Every decision you make, no matter how big or how small, will alter your entire future. A single vision or decision may make an immediate difference, or perhaps it will change the chain of events that leads to some great change. Either way, your future is determined by the perspective you see right now. A positive point of view will always offer you a greater selection of positive choices and positive choices will always result in a better future. While a negative point of view will almost always result in the exact opposite. So which would you rather have?


Are you ready for something even more amazing?   


Your emotional state of mind is self replicating. Meaning that Positive circumstances tend to repeat because they trigger a positive point of view. One victory will lead to another because you are in a victorious state of mind. Its a snowball effect!  Great empires have been built off the victory of tiny battles. Have you ever done something that made you feel great? Then afterwards you wanted to do something else like that?  It’s the same principle. Feeling happy or good or positive, even for a moment will trigger the desire for more of that feeling and your mind will automatically look for those situations. As well, your mind will see things with a completely different perspective than if you were in a negative or even “blah”mood.  But…sometimes you have to make yourself stay in that snowball of goodness. So here is the good news…….


Your emotional state of mind is YOUR Choice. Now, while I realize that bad situations, problems and defeats are part of a normal life, no matter what situation comes your way, and what emotion you are feeling you still have the power to override it. Just like magnets a positive will produce and attract a positive and repel a negative. It’s a universal law.  Once you discover the positives in your life, (here’s a hint if that seems difficult to do: Find something that makes you smile or happy even for just a moment then immediately think about the positives in your life. I guarantee you will be able to find at least one.)  use the power of that positive emotion to guide your decision making process. It will always turn out far better than if you made the same decision with a negative attitude. If this is difficult for you remember that a positive attitude is natural for some and for others it is something that must be chosen until it becomes natural. So if you are ever in a bad mood a good rule would be to NEVER make decisions!  Especially when your emotions can be so easily changed.


The ability to acknowledge something as funny or good or happy does not disappear just because you’re having a bad day. The power to invoke this amazing emotion actually takes little effort when compared to what it takes to bring on a negative emotion.  If reading a short list of “feel good” things or holding a baby can change your mood, Imagine how your day would be if you were to look for and acknowledge the enjoyable, funny and positive things in life wherever you faced a difficult situation. Think the outcome would be any different? Imagine what your day would be like if you were to make a choice to listen for and see things that make you smile everywhere. Just like developing any other habit, making a concerted decision to choose to look for positive things in life will soon become the automatic way you see life no matter what comes your way.


Now let’s think about what we just covered here. We have all been in a negative situation and it is so easy for us to take on these negative emotions from the situation. It’s always that negative emotion that affects our point of view and determines how we handle our situation.


A single happy, more positive thought can diffuse the negative emotions almost immediately: revealing a more positive view that will allow you to see problems as possibilities not just another hurdle.


This is the first and honestly probably the most difficult step to finding a happier more successful life. Making the effort to find and choose a happy thought when faced with a difficult situation is not easy, is not natural and takes a conscious effort. But the result could be amazing.


Your life could change in a whole different direction with every choice you make.


This is an age old and powerful truth about life.  Understanding the powerful role your emotions play in your decision making processes is key to understanding how you can have better choices in the solutions and possibilities that come your way. Simply choosing the lesser of two evils is never a good choice. But a good choice is available and a single happy thought could allow you to see it. A single happy thought could change your life.



Look for further discussions about your happiness and success in upcoming posts. Stay Tuned…Better yet sign up to follow by email!


Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and share freely!


Go. Make a difference in someone's life. Be the blessing! – j.buck


Copyright 2018  John Buck/ Maximizing Life /  All Rights Reserved

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