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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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I Just Cant Get A Break!

April 18, 2018

If you could just get that one “Break” in life..what would it be?


With a first glance at the question most people will look back on a memory, a time, a place, an action or a reaction about something they should have or maybe should not have done; A past recollection of something that, if it had or had not happened, their life would be different and possibly better today. But read it again because that is not the question.


Everyone has at least one “if I had only…then I would have” but those don’t really matter , what does matter is the thought like... “if I will only…then I could”.


Have you ever said to yourself ” If I could just get a break?  Most of us have but  what would that break look like if you did get it?  Ever thought about that?


Sometimes this ”BREAK” is caught up in a fantasy most of us would call a dream. But is it really a fantasy? Now lets be realistic here, I know it would be a dream come true to be a major league baseball player for many men but if your not young, athletic and one heck of a baseball player NOW, then that truly is an unrealistic fantasy. I’m talking about that one thing that when you say to yourself  


“If only ________ would happen, then I could _________”.


Lets take a friend of mine for example.  He dreamed of something better and often said that all he needed was a “Break” to make his life what he wanted it to be.  He had been working for an Air Conditioning company for the past 5 years, living paycheck to paycheck to provide a home and food for his young family on his meager wages as a helper. He so very much wanted to provide better for his family but it was just so hard to image how that would ever happen with his life the way it was.


Because he enjoyed his job so much, his dream was to one day have his own HVAC company. This is when he took the time to fill in the banks of that important statement, "If only_________ would happen, then I would be able to ________".   Have you ever taken the time to identify what you would write in these blanks?


As he saw it, His "If only _________(“break”) was to have the time and money to go to school to become certified, and his "then I  would be able to" was (1) earn more money and (2) pursue opening his own HVAC company.  Knowing these things allowed him to seek out ways this could happen.  


As it turned out for him, once he expressed his interest in wanting to become certified to his employer, his employer told him that if he could work an extra few hours a week then in exchange he would pay for his training and certification. The next year wasn’t easy having to work extra hours, go to school, homework, AND still have his family to care for but it finally paid off.  It was beneficial to both him and his employer for him to have his master certification. His wages greatly increased and over the next few years he was able to save up enough money to open his own company. Today he has one of the largest and most successful HVAC companies in the city.


None of this would have been possible had he not done 3 things:

1. Have a clear image of what his dream was. – He wanted to own his own HVAC company.

2. Define what a “break” would be needed to start the pursuit of that dream.  – He needed the time and money to get his certification.

3. Take action to seek out a way to make this “break” happen. – He expressed interest to his employer.


You never know where things may lead you but it does help if you are taking action in a specific direction. The direction of those actions is completely up to your vision of your future. Are you seeing your future through eyes that are looking at today or backwards at yesterday? Or are you seeing you future through the eyes of your dream?


A better tomorrow is not dictated by what our lives were like yesterday… A better tomorrow is dictated by our actions today in anticipation of a better tomorrow!


So, some deeper questions might be:

  • What are you anticipating tomorrow will be like?

  • Is it going to be the same as today?

  • Or are you anticipating something better?

  • What are you doing today to make tomorrow better? 

And let’s not forget the three most important:

  • What is my dream?

  • What “Break” would help make that dream happen?

  • What action can I do to today to seek out making that “Break” happen?

While I firmly believe that it is the lessons and experiences of our past that affect the choices we make today and ultimately our future, I also believe that the choices we make today will directly affect the success we feel in every part of our lives moving forward. That’s why the answer to these one questions can have so much impact on your future.


The answer to these questions today will be totally unique to this period of your life. You will base these answers off the experiences you have learned and grown from up until this point in time. Go five years in the future, five years in the past or possibly to tomorrow and your answers may be totally different. But your answers TODAY can change the direction of the rest of your life.


For that reason it is important to ask yourself these questions often.


Without any vision or anticipation of better tomorrow… today will just be a continuation of yesterday and tomorrow a continuation of today, and so on and so on. 


Does your life feel like that? What could you change that would take you off this hamster wheel of life and on to a path of endless opportunity for any future you can envision?



Look for further discussions about your happiness and success in upcoming posts. Stay Tuned…Better yet sign up to follow by email!


Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and share freely!


Go! Make a difference in someone's life. Be the Blessing! – j.buck


Copyright 2018  John Buck/ Maximizing Life /   All Rights Reserved

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