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August 15, 2019

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No One Can Do It but YOU!

April 17, 2018




“Some People Dream of Success While Others Wake Up and Work Hard at It” – (Winston Churchill).


The Dream. That’s where it all starts, isn’t it? A dream? Maybe its something big or maybe it just a tiny something you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter….Look around you right now.


Aside from the wonders of nature, everything you see, touch, read, use, rely on, get frustrated by, enjoy using, glad you had it, wish you didn’t…, EVERYTHING began with someone’s dream.


It happens at all sorts of times; during a conversation, driving down the road, laying in bed and sometimes just out of the blue…A dream, a spark of imagination enters your thoughts. Most times it just a passes right on thought but then there is that one that is clear, special, the one you can’t get it out of your head. You think about it at least once if not a thousand times a day. You have imagined over and over what it would be like if it were to come true. Sometimes you even find yourself daydreaming about it all.  BUT Unfortunately for most … that is where it ends… As a passing dream. But if you ever see and feel its vision, its just the beginning!


The Vision. Most people never get to the vision because they never get past the dream. The vision is no less part of the dream than the dream is of the vision. Lets put it this way… Imagine going on a vacation to a luxury hotel in a grand city. Imagine all the opulence and grandeur, the luxurious rooms and amenities and being waited on as if you were royalty. The dream is the vacation destination. But the vision, that’s imagining what it will take so that you can make this grand vacation something that actually happens.


It almost seems impossible to move past the dream and into the vision. I know most people interchange these terms like they mean the same thing but they don’t.  A dream is a view of a life that, while where you are right now, seems out of reach but still triggers feelings of happiness and joy when imagining it to be true. The vision is imagining the possibilities and pathways of how the dream could actually come true. You may have dreamed of retiring on a boat somewhere warm without a worry for money and just enjoying life as it may come.  You may have dreamed of writing a bestselling book or inventing the next great thing or just a promotion at work.  Maybe still, your just dream is just basic and ordinary and simple and doesn’t seem like a dream at all to anyone other than you.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small your dream is, the important thing is that you should have at least one dream that also has a vision attached so you have something to reach for, some reward for all the work you do.. The overwhelming fact is that people who act on their visions have their dreams come true everyday! So, why not you!


Do you have a dream in mind?   Picture your life and how exciting it might be as you work towards your dream. How it would make you feel telling others what your working towards and imagine the doors that might be opened along the way just because you’re thinking and taking about it. For most people there is such a huge gap in between dreaming of “the good life” and having a clue about how to actually have that “good life”.  Remember this: It all starts with having a vision to go along with the dream. Getting a view of what the journey might be like. It’s also at this point you need to ask yourself one important question; is this dream important to me? Is this dream just a passing fancy or something I really want to make happen?


Think on this for a minute or two; Thomas Edison had to invent a means of distributing electricity to every home just so people could use the light bulb which he finally perfected after thousands of failed attempts to make it work.  When asked about these failures, Edison said that he had not failed thousands of times; he had found thousands of ways it didn’t work but only need to find one way in which it would.  That’s kind of like needing to invent the automobile because you had invented the rubber tire and needed something to put it on. Now that’s vision, determination and belief in action.


For most the dream just seems impossible because the vision seems too big or most commonly simply gets lost in “not knowing where to start” land. Unfortunately there are no such things as magical genies that will wave a wand and make it come true but fortunately there is something much better.  YOU!  Yes I said you.  And why not you? Can you think of some reason why you don’t deserve to see your dream come true or your vision come to pass? I can’t. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, that you will not have great obstacles to overcome or that you will even know what you’re doing but I would bet anything that Edison’s dreams never came with a set of instructions either. So why and how then, are so many of his inventions part of our lives today?


BELIEF!  Simple as that!  Belief in his dreams, belief in his visions, belief in their possibilities and most of all….. Belief in himself!




Confidence and doubt are the two greatest influences on your everyday life; everything you say, everything you do, how you think and how you act are not influenced by or the result of anything or anyone surrounding you …..They come from within you. You alone will make the choice to believe and be influenced by what others tell you. You alone will decide your own capabilities. It doesn’t take much research to find thousands of success stories of people that have overcome greater barriers that you can even imagine.


We as humans are extraordinarily well adapted to achieving anything we want…..if we want to.


I can’t imagine all the “naysayers” that surrounded people like Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Henry Ford, … the list can go on and on with people that triumphed over the negative attitudes and actions of the people surrounding them, including members of their own family. They all succeeded because of their own self belief and confidence in being able to accomplish their dreams.


There is great reward in believing in yourself, your vision and your dream. Nobody can do that for you and no matter how much someone else believes in you, your actions still rest within your own belief in yourself. In the end only you are going to feel the pride of accomplishment, receive the reward of achievement and claim the spoils from a victorious struggle to make your own dream come true.


Belief in yourself, your vision and your dream are critical parts of any success you will achieve in your life.  Success never happens overnight or in most cases easily and without much struggle.

The common trait in every successful person is not wisdom, strength or knowledge, but rather a strong belief in themselves and the will to bring their dream into reality. The road to realizing your dreams is not often an easy one. There are many obstacles that will drain your energy but your belief in yourself, your dream and your vision is the fuel that will keep it moving forward.


Being convinced, committed and dedicated can only result in achievement.


Be Convinced.

Before you even have the chance to do anything more than think about it, you have to be convinced your dream is real and that you can do it even though you have no idea how that’s going to happen. There will be many reasons that will come to mind and many people that will tell you that it will never happen. Don’t let negative thoughts; mere words or opinions of other people dictate whether or not you choose to pursue your dream. Remember the decision to do or to not do is completely yours to make.


Be Committed.

Commit to making your dream come to pass no matter what comes along. Overcoming adversity is what drives the passion and increases the pride and reward of pursuing your dream. Even when obstacles are hindering your progress and all seems like it’s about to fall apart, how strongly you believe will determine if this is the place you give up or press on.  If achieving your dream was easy there would be no reason to call it a dream, it would simply be something everyone does.


Be Dedicated.

Dedicate yourself to your dream, your vision and more importantly to yourself even if you’re still working towards it coming to pass. Even if you think it should have by this point. Perseverance and dedication will always pay off. Let’s look at Thomas Edison again; I wonder how many times he felt like giving up while going through thousands of failed attempts to get the light bulb to work?


You have to be convinced, committed and dedicated through the entire journey before you get to the reward of seeing it come alive. Stay convinced, stay committed, and stay dedicated, then watch what happens.



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Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and share freely!


Go! Make a difference in someone's life today. Be the Blessing! – j.buck


Copyright 2018 John Buck/ Maximizing Life /  All Rights Reserved

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