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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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The Critical Characteristic of an Achiever

April 5, 2018

 Humility is The Key


In my experience success or failure with anything depends on your willingness learn from the painful growing process.  You can almost always trace the core reason for most failed endeavors back to the lack of knowledge and in many cases a lack of desire to admit a lack of knowledge. While it only makes sense that if you are ever going to move forward in life you inevitably are going to learn something along the way that will help you make each advancing step, not everyone is as open to learning as others.


The learning process is necessary to moving forward in life in general but is absolutely critical in achieving a goal or in reaching for a dream. What you learn can be as varied as where you learn it from.  In my experience the absolute best things I have ever learned came from another person that had already been where I wanted to go. I didn’t always learn what they were trying to teach me the first time; sometimes I chose to go it my own way. It was after the fall, sometimes a big fall that I realized that what they were trying to teach me was correct all along.


Other times I have learned great lessons from people that had no idea they were teaching me anything at all. And often these sources would never be someone that you would approach for advice to begin with. Every day offers multiple opportunities for learning and growth from a vast array of sources….but you have enough humility to see it and accept it no matter where it comes from.  There should never be a day that you stop learning. There should never be a day that you become unable to learn from something or someone in your daily path. Even children can be a great source of learning lessons that we as adults have forgotten or taken for granted.


To make it as simple as possible we Must always be in learning mode if we are ever going to be in a growing mode. And you will never be in that Learning/Growing mode if you don’t understand humility and what it looks like,  Why Humility?  Well, humility is the very characteristic that allows us to be open enough to see, hear and accept these lessons in life and maximize the effects of these learning experiences.  Without humility you will never have the mindset to take advantage of learning from the environment around you. Humility is the first and foremost characteristic that is needed to realize any meaningful growth and will serve to fuel any future success in your life.


So what does humility look like?


A humble person will always choose to listen far more than they speak. It is very hard to take in the wisdom of others when you are determined to speak what’s on your mind above all else. Ever met someone like that. You can never really have a conversation with them. You simply have to listen to what they have to say and reply… then wait to see what they have to say next.  Even when you do reply you wonder if they even heard what you just said.


A humble person makes every attempt to set his own personal pride aside when making a decision. It is so easy for us to make decisions thinking about what we will look like as a result and not about what this choice will do for our future. This can go in both directions. Sometimes we think about making a decision based on how good it will make us look to others or how great it would be to have or do such a thing and other times we think about what others will think of us if we do not have or don’t do something. It is always dangerous to make decisions based upon what others will think of you because of it.


Never make decisions when you feel your pride is part of the reasoning.


A humble person is always in a learning mode and willing to admit that they do not know something. The greatest mistake you can make is believing you know something when you know you do not.  Maybe you know that you can figure it out eventually but consider the time and consequences of unnecessary failure while figuring it out. Knowledge is amazing and in today’s world it is literally at our fingertips.


It is not ever a diminishing quality to be humble enough to say “I don’t know”.


A humble person will always do more than what is expected, no matter if there is a reward for going above and beyond or not. I heard it put this way once: “Always expect to be under paid”.  Success in life never comes by doing what is expected and nothing more. You are more likely to get passed over for that job promotion at work if you only do what is expected. Do not, however, mistake the action as the cause of the reward.  Going the extra mile while grumbling about having to make the effort seldom brings about the reward you may be looking for. To the contrary, your efforts will likely be only half-hearted and will often be riddled with mistakes if your sole reason for doing it is through expectancy.  A true humble heart will not only strive to go the extra mile but will do it without expectation, with pride and with as much excellence as he can…. because it’s the right way to do it.


Rewards in life do not come from doing just enough, it comes from the extra effort!


Humility will always drive you to reach past your own goals, to achieve greater things that you originally planned. There is an old quote that says: “Shoot for the moon because if you miss, at least you will land among the stars”. It isn’t an attitude of over achievement that drive a humble person…it’s an attitude that if anything is worth dong then it’s worth putting you all into it…and because of this attitude you find yourself achieving and learning greater things that you originally thought you would. The end result is that doors you never imagined were there will be opened for you.


Do such a great job that when you move on to something else others will think about what they could have done to keep you.



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Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and share freely!


Go out and Be The Blessing today! Make a difference in someones life.Until Next time, See ya.– j.buck


Copyright 2018 John Buck/ Maximizing Life, All Rights Reserved

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