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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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FAILURE is the Object!

April 5, 2018


“If at first you don’t succeed, try , try, again.”


Most of us have heard that expression most of our lives.  As humans we have a natural inborn desire to succeed. What is lacking typically is the perseverance it takes to get through the failures.  I know that speaking for myself, failure is not something I enjoy but …..after several attempts at something and it still not working, it is not hard for me to give up and simply move on to the next idea or project.  Does that sound like you?


Like the little mouse in the photo, success is much more than simply doing something over and over until it finally turns out the way you want.


"Success comes about by looking at your hurdles with new perspectives, imagination and determination then choosing to move forward."


Here we see it as humor as the little mouse has put a helmet on to protect himself from the jaws of the trap as he hopefully finds success in snatching a delicious piece of cheese. But it looks to me like he has learned a few things. (obviously from observation or a few close calls) And from that learned knowledge he gained from previous failures he has developed a NEW plan of attack. One that he may have never thought about if it weren’t for those failures. One that just might prove successful this time.


If you didn’t learn anything from trying and failing, then you weren’t trying to succeed to begin with.

I would imagine that all his little mouse buddies told him to forget it because it was impossible.  That it was too dangerous