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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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How Dreams Get So Lost

June 19, 2017


Dreams are a fragile and yet powerful thing. They tend to come true in every circumstance regardless of what you are seeing right now… IF you continue to move towards them at least a little every day.


We were designed by God to have an imagination for ambitious things. We naturally have visions of the “what if”. To others our dreams may seem out of reach and impossible, and they naturally would because they don’t have the vision you do nor the passion to see it come true. That's okay though, because they have their own dream to think about. Maybe it is bigger and more ambitious than yours and maybe its a simple dream but the simple fact is that we all have dreams.


Life itself and your spirit for life will quickly become mundane, boring and discouraging if you are not envisioning something that seems out of reach. And it will only continue down that pathway if your are not making any effort to reach for something that seems unreachable.


Dreams are an important part of a healthy life. One result of not reaching for something greater is that things about your life begin to die. Your imagination and creativity are the first things to feel this death. Soon after, your ability to encourage others and be encouraged about your own life become increasingly hard to grasp. When you loose your excitement for life and begin simply accepting things as the come, the dreams you once had get pushed back and lost in the furthest recesses of your memory. It soon becomes harder and harder to have real passion for much of anything. Ultimately your relationships in life will also begin to suffer.


Dreams serve a greater purpose in life other than something nice to think about once in a while. Dreams give us a target for tomorrow.  They give us a direction that we believe will offer us a more fulfilled life and future.