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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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Get Those Crazy Dreams Out Of Your Head!

March 15, 2017

We all have dreams, goals and ambitions. Perhaps it’s something you have always wanted to do since you were a child or maybe it was an idea for a new product or even perhaps a particular new position at work. No matter what the dream or goal is, to most people it has taken up permanent residency in the back of your mind and only peeks out once in a while.  We love pondering the “what if’s”of our dreams, don’t we?. It makes us feel good pretending that it all is true, even if only for a short while.


Imaging saying to someone “I do this…”, “or “I’m a” instead of “I have always wanted to” or “one day I will…”  How great would THAT feel?


Why are those dreams and goals still there, hidden away? Why aren't they part of your life now and why aren’t new ones being created? 


Here are some of the reasons why those dreams are where they are and not part of your life:


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses:

Let’s face the real truth here. Can we do that?  The main reason you have not achieved your dream or goal is because you have come to believe in some excuse. If people all through history can overcome their hurdles to make their dreams or goals come to pass then there truly is no reason why you can’t.


We humans we are individually, uniquely and extraordinarily well qualified to achieve our own dreams.


The most common excuse I hear is: “I don’t have time to fit anything more into my life, with work and the kids activities and work at home…there simply is no more of me left.” Does that sound familiar?  And what a load you are telling yourself and everyone else!  Let's face it you WILL always find the time to do something you want to do. Most of the time it's, unfortunately, something totally unproductive. And that fine but if you can fit something totally unproductive into your schedule simply because you WANT to do it, then you can also fit a few minutes in for to something as important as your dream.  That is, unless your dream isn't really a dream at all.  But if you really have a dream and then its time to give it some measure of priority in your life. It’s time to stop letting your dreams and passions fall by the wayside and only reside in the back of our minds.


It is always easier to rationalize or cover up why we have or have not done something with a well rehearsed excuse. Most times when the subject comes up, we have spoken the excuse so many times that it just comes natural to say and even easier to believe. Try an exercise with me right now.  Think of something you really would like to do or achieve but have always had a reason why you couldn’t. Now, think way back, did you ever think it was possible?  Now think of one way that it could be possible again.  (Now let’s be realistic, if your like me and in your mid forties you are probably not going to become a winning Indy car driver especially since you have never driven in a car race before.)


Stop making excuses and start making plans.


I’m going to... as soon as:


I was once at a motivation seminar. After it was over I had the opportunity to speak with the keynote speaker  personally. I told him that I would love to be a motivational speaker myself one day. He then asked me what I was doing to make that happen. I replied, “I’m waiting….” And that’s where he cut me off. He told me that as long as I’m waiting for the right time or anything for that matter then I was moving in the wrong direction because the “right time” will never come. I never forgot those words.


What are your favorite phrases?  “When things get…..”, “If I can ever……”, “As soon as….”, “I’m just waiting for…” or my favorite “I’m about to……” (Knowing you’re not really about to do anything other than what you have been doing...nothing, right?) And don't worry too much about that, we have all said those things at one time or another.


You’re going to miss the chance if you keep putting it off till a time you have convinced yourself would be a better time.  Now is the time, not tomorrow because


NOW is always available…tomorrow will never arrive.


What’s the use:


Have you already been through the excuses and the “I’ll do it when's" so much and so often that the reply’s are set to autopilot? The reasons why not are so ingrained that you think to yourself “what’s the use?”  This is a natural progression of the thought process but it does not have to be the end of it. 


We become exactly what we think of ourselves and we do exactly what we think about doing most often.


If we start thinking “what’s the use?” then truly there is no use, in our current state of thinking. So I challenge you to ask yourself.  “What would be the use?“What would it be like if it actually happened?” “How great would it be if”…..  The positive questions are endless.


Thomas Edison tried more than 2000 times to get the incandescent light bulb to work and when asked about it he replied that he did not fail 2000 times, he found 2000 ways that it didn’t work and he only needed to find one way that it did. Wonder what he was thinking through all those 2000 learning experiences.  Imaging what your life would be like if he said “What’s the use?”


Forget it:


This is the saddest stage of all. This is where your dreams, hopes, passions and goals end up if you continue to make excuses, to put off starting, then start thinking there is no use even trying- you guessed it…..the death of that dream, the loss of passion and it can also result in the death of your spirit for life. Do you ever feel like a zombie just wondering around, doing what you do and not ever really enjoying any of it? I truly hope not!  I hope you have not gotten to this stage where you have stopped dreaming and setting goals. I hope you have not gotten to the point that you have stopped feeling a passion for life.


It is at this stage that it seriously affects your physical well being. The minute you give up on your dreams, passions and goals is the minute your spirit starts dying. When your spirit starts dying so does your desire for a happy fulfilling life.


But know there is a way to change all that. A simple a spark of imagination can ignite a raging fire for life. The worst offensive football coach can create a champion player by giving him easy plays that are easy to complete successfully.  This builds confidence in his ability and confidence that he can make the bigger plays as well.  It all starts with a small challenge you can succeed at.


One small success can make the deadest (is that a word?) passion come back to life.


I challenge you! 

If you are in one of those stages (and be honest you know if you are) do these things and see if you start making progress.  I bet you will and I will also expect to hear about it right here. 


1.Question your reasoning for making excuses and start finding reasons to begin.

2.Stop putting it off- start NOW with a tiny step forward (read Eating an Elephant, another article in this blog).

  • NOW is always available…tomorrow will never arrive.

3.KNOW that if it’s your dream or a passion then IT IS worth pursuing.

4. and Believe that death of your dream is never an option and there is always room for a new spark of imagination.



Look for further discussions about your happiness and success in upcoming posts. Stay Tuned…Better yet sign up to follow by email!


Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and share freely!


Go! Make a difference in someones life today. Be the Blessing! 

– j.buck


Copyright 2017 John Buck/ Bridging the Gap All Rights Reserved



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