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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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Can You Believe?

March 14, 2017


It happens at all sorts of times. During a conversation, driving down the road, laying in bed and sometimes just out of the blue. A vision, a spark of imagination. Most times it is just a passing thought but then there is that one that is just clear, special and you just cant get it out of your head. You think about it at least once if not a thousand times a day. You have gone over the possibilities, what it would take to make it happen and mostly what it would be like if it were true. Sometimes ya, kinda get lost there in that dream, huh? Unfortunately for most people that is where it ends!


For most it all just seems impossible or simply gets lost in not even knowing where to start. Unfortunately there are no such things as magical genies that will wave a wand and make it come true. Fortunately there is something much better.  YOU!  Yes I said you.  And why not you? Can you think of some reason why you don’t deserve to have your dream come true? Why your vision should not come to pass?


Look around you right now.


Aside from the wonders of nature, everything you see, touch, read, use, rely on, get frustrated by, enjoy using, glad you had it, wish you didn’t…, EVERYTHING began with someone’s vision.


AND I would bet anything that none of their visions came with a set of instructions or even a guarantee. So why and how then, are they here?


BELIEF.  Simple as that. Belief in their vision, belief in their dream, belief in their possibilities and mostly belief in themselves!




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Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and share freely!

Go! Make a difference in someones life today. Be the Blessing! 

– j.buck

Copyright 2017 John Buck/ Bridging the Gap All Rights Reserved

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