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Don't hesitate when you should act!

August 15, 2019

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Bring Focus to Your Dream

March 14, 2017

Does your dream look so far away that it has no focus?


We all have dreams.  Things we want to do or achieve that are still sitting in the back of your mind.  The hard part or the “disconnect” with those dreams remaining in the back of your mind and you actually working towards achieving them is the same for most everyone. With "life" happening every day, you just can't bring the pursuit of that dream into focus. I am sure you have said these things at least once: “I simply don’t know where to start.”  "I don't have time left in my days" Or “I tried once and it didn’t turn out so well”.


Making the successful transition from having a dream in your head, bringing it to the forefront and it actually moving in a direction that lets you feel and see progress is a step that may be easier than you've experience or imagined. It simply takes focus.


Unfortunately it’s this very step of focusing on our path ahead that we give little thought about. Taking this first step is always the hardest part and when we take it without preparation the result  tends to be far less than you had hoped.  When you don’t find success in your attempts from the start, it's easy to get discouraged and put it back where it was in the beginning…. Just a thought in the back of your mind.


So if you want to succeed at anything, especially a dream, you need to bring it into FOCUS before moving forward. Like any project or activity you are about to undertake, focus can be achieved with a little prep work before you begin;  The bigger the project the more prep work you do, right?   This prep work doesn’t have to be difficult but at very least you prepare by laying out a basic road map, even if its only in your mind.   I don’t know about you but even a trip to the grocery store at very least is prepped with a few articles that I want or need already in my head before I go. If I am shopping for a party or holiday dinner then it’s much more involved. For such an event I’ll be thinking about menus, considering who will be coming, looking up recipes, writing a list of items and so forth.  It’s actually quite a production when you think about it for something so insignificant when compared to something as significant as my future! 


If we can give that much focus to a party then surely we can give a few minutes of focus to our future, right?  Trouble is though; focusing on a party is simple, focusing on our dream.... well, you're not alone if you're thinking  that you have no idea where to start focusing about your dream.  I have found that this step alone is responsible for the death of most everyone's dream.  Well, maybe its not complete death, i mean, it's never dead if its still in the back of you don't' forget that its never too late to bring it back to life.  Let's discover how.


So what does this prep work look like when it comes to your dream? Simply put its bringing your dream into clear focus before moving in any direction so that you don’t move in a direction that leaves you discouraged and defeated.


1. Know the objective of your dream. What is your goal, its purpose and why you want to do it. Taking time to consider all these things is critical not only to achieving your objective but to give you a clear sight of what you want. 


It is too easy for us to think that if it’s meant to be it will happen.  I hear people say this all the time about just about everything…. Even relationships!  Truth is that if it is meant to be you will have to work for it.  Life never comes easy and work always pays off.


But I wonder how much work it would be for you to sit back and really think about these things then write them down.  Not too much I would imagine.  Write it down in broad strokes then take time to go back and fill in as much detail as you can imagine. Keep in mind that much of that detail is likely to change but it will at least serve to move you to the next possible step.  Prepare a 2 minute synopsis of your dream that you can quickly and precisely convey to anyone at any time. The clearer you are about your dream the clearer your dream will become to you.


2. Seek out the problems. This step isn’t intended to discourage you and present you with every possible reason not to pursue your dream, rather it’s specifically meant for you to anticipate possible hurdles or areas to pay attention to that may become problematic as you progress forward.  


It’s kind of like listening to the traffic report before or while you’re traveling through a city. You don’t use that information as an excuse to stay home; you use it as information to direct your travel rout.  In the same way you need a traffic report about the pathway you are about to embark on.


Find, seek out, explore and uncover as many of these possible hurdles as possible. Sit and discuss it with others as well. They will have a different point of view and a different set of experiences that may prove valuable. Each hurdle you anticipate and prepare for now will serve as learning and growing experiences that will propel you forward and will be more easily handled than issues that take you by surprise.  You are not going to imagine everything and much of what you think about may never happen at all but not even considering these things will only set you up for a fall.


3. Surround yourself with special people. Imagine this; The Golden Gate Bridge is supported by two main cables. Each is 7,659 feet long and contains 27,572 individual galvanized wires which are only 0.196” in diameter. These wires are then bundled into 61 strands of 452 wires. The total length of wire used in both main cables is 80,000 miles. It’s pretty amazing what a 0.196“ diameter wire can hold when you put with a few others.  Ok, maybe more than a few. But the point is:


You will always accomplish much more if you surround yourself with others that can and are willing to help you then you will ever accomplish alone.


One of the best things you could ever do if you seriously want  to transform your  dream into a Passion, then that passion into a reality, is to surround yourself with others that will help you, advise you and support not just you but your vision as well.  Seek out people that will support and encourage you as you take on things that only you can imagine achieving.  Find people that have wisdom and knowledge not just about the subject of your dream but sound advice about life and business too.  And more importantly, others that are like minded as you. By like minded I mean that they share your vision and passion or your entrepreneurial spirit.  Perhaps they even have a similar dream or they are also on a path to reach a dream of their own.


Many of us don’t have people we currently know that would fill every characteristic I just mentioned but if there is one thing I know for sure; it’s that people are almost always willing to help, mentor and share their wisdom with others… you just need to ask them.  Call similar business owners, college professors, ask your friends if they know someone, however you go about seeking and finding these people, know that chances are they will be more that happy and willing to help. By surrounding yourself with these types of people you are far more likely to progress positively forward rather that slip backwards when things become frustrating.


4. Start doing something and Start NOW!  Guess what?…. Tomorrow never comes.  Each moment you choose to put it off makes it exponentially easier to put it off again, then again and again.  This is how it got put on the back burner to begin with.  Do something now, today, while you are thinking about it. Even if it’s just writing it down on a piece of paper. Anything, no matter how small is a huge step compared to doing nothing at all.


If you are excited about something, what is that you do that lets others know just how excited you are?  Yep, you talk about it…a lot.  When something is important to you, you talk about it.  The more you talk about it the more you solidify your passion for whatever it is. It becomes part of your everyday thinking.  When you think about and talk about something often enough you in turn make time to do something about it as well. 


Do you have a favorite hobby?  When you talk about it what does it make you want to do? Go do it right?   Imaging having that same feeling about your dream.  If it’s important to you, go talk about it as often as possible. Stir up your passion for it and in turn you will also stir up passion in others about it as well.  It’s a win win.  And don’t worry about others who don’t understand your passion or excitement because its YOUR dream and not theirs. Maybe they haven't been excited about their dream in a long long time. Maybe you could stir up something in them to go after their own.


5. Celebrate you successes.  It is important to live a success filed life. It’s hard to work and work and continue to be motivated and excited when success is only that big achievement at the end.  Celebrate every tiny success, no matter how small. Start living out those successes, tell people about them.  Every little success is a big deal!  It signifies that you are progressing.  It signifies that you have not quit and that you are still encouraged.


Having been in sales most of my life phone solicitation was just a part of everyday work life.  I must admit I hated it and still do to be honest.  It was so discouraging because you hope to get one “yes” for every 20-30 call you make.   That’s a lot of negativity.  I used to celebrate with a coffee break every time I received a “yes”.  That was fine but some days that one “yes” was hard to come by. I found myself making fewer and fewer calls as a result.  So, I shifted it.  I would celebrate after every 20 “no’s”.  And it started over whenever I got a "yes".  Sometimes I would get a "yes on the 18th call and have to start over BUT who wanted a "coffee break" when I was on a success roll!   So if I really wanted a coffee break I had to make the phone calls.  In turn, I made more calls each day and that in turn resulted in more “yes” calls each day which resulted in a nicer paycheck and recognition for achievement.  By celebrating the little achievements I found myself achieving even more.



Look for further discussions about your happiness and success in upcoming posts. Stay Tuned…Better yet sign up to follow us.


Thank you for reading. If this or anything here inspires, motivates or touches you in any way Please LIKE, Comment and Share freely!


Go! Make a difference in someones life today. Be the Blessing! 

– j.buck


Copyright 2017 John Buck/ Bridging the Gap All Rights Reserved

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