Upcoming Projects

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ONLINE Life and Business Works Maximization Courses

We are currently working on producing each of our available Business Works Workshops in a webinar format. Easily accessible whenever you and or your employees are. If arranging time to gather employees or the cost of a live workshop is prohibitive then this option will be perfect for your organization.  Each online workshop will consist of a instructor led video, downloadable materiel as well as a transcript of the instructional video.


We are also working on a series of online coaching and training workshops to help you with some of the most basic things in life that are sure to Maximize the minutes of your every day life.  Discover the things you are already doing and how, once they are revealed, they can accelerate you into levels of happiness and success that you never thought possible!  

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Coming 2018:  Passion, Purpose and Paychecks

Don't miss the release of Johns newest book Passion, Purpose and Paychecks. Learn the real distinction of each of these concepts and how they relate to one another in your life. Discover the areas of your every day life today, that you may have never considered, but are actually your areas of passion and purpose....then discover the truth of how they relate to you paycheck.


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Maximizing the minutes PodCast!

Check in with us each week as John records a powerful and informative message about something you are likely doing right now, that if you were to pay closer attention to it and do it more often, the changes in your life would be astonishing. This weekly Pod Cast will be available here, or on iTunes!

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