About John and Business Works

What others say:

David Cooke, Chief of Security and Emergency Response at Southern Research Institute

“John is amazing- he has found a way to integrate his skills with his passion…people, which makes all the difference!”

Jeri Almansi, Major Account Executive at Nauticon Imaging Systems

“John is among the very few people within my entire career whom I can characterize as an extremely talented, creative, energetic, results-oriented, efficient person whom it has been a real pleasure to collaborate with within last 3 years.”

Debbie Asay, Benifits Coordinator at AFLAC

“John is one of the most dedicated people I know.  He and I have worked side by side and I have seen his integrity and dedication first hand. Give him a shot and he will not disappoint.

A few words about why:

Like most everyone else I have heard, read and seen about all the motivational material anyone can stand in one lifetime. I used to be a junkie for all that stuff until I realized that I was spending more time reading, listening and watching this stuff than I did actually doing something about pursuing my dream after being so motivated about it, while at the same time helping someone else finance their own dream. I was caught up in imagining my dream but never really moving forward with achieving it.

Speaking for myself and I believe for many of you, there is a sort of disconnect between getting motivated about your dream and getting on with doing something about it. It is so easy to look forward imaging the fruits of your dreams coming true but so hard to look straight down at the road you are standing on right now that will take you from where you are now to where you envision you dream to be. And for most, the basic hurdles of "life" always seem insurmountable when you think about reaching for your dreams or even just something better.


Typically our current position in life, the people around us, friends and even family may tell us our dream is not possible, its all a fantasy, and to get our head out of the clouds and to come back to earth. So much so that we convince ourselves they are right. And once again your dreams and aspirations for something greater fade into the "if only" category once again.

But that is where I can and will help.  I firmly believe and will show you that you are already equipped and qualified to reach and achieve anything your really set you hart on achieving.  Your dreams were always meant to come true!  RIGHT NOW you already have and are already performing with the abilities, habits and knowledge that will allow you to take the first steps and then each greater step towards your dream.

Change is not a hard or big event......change is small and gradual but will surprise you when you look back.

It’s all about that small first step across what seem to be a huge gap between where you are right now and where you would like to be, which is actually just a tiny space that only seems huge because its a place you’ve probably never been before. I want to help you cross this gap, dispel all the uncertainties and find a few ways to see your dream as something achievable, real and  pursuing them as something possible.

Lets face it, if you are over 20 years old, you are NOT changing who you are or your habits easily. SO, instead of saying that you should change anything, I want you to to simply take specific small steps that are already part of your everyday life that will bring about huge change in your future.

We are designed for greater and greater change throughout our lives. To ultimately reach a greater potential and become something we never imagined.  That success in life happens one tiny, not so extraordinary step at a time. But you still have to take that one tiny step every day.

I sincerely hope that a word or two, an idea or a concept within these posts and pages bring hope, encouragement and motivation to pursue your very own dream, no matter how big, difficult, out of this world, or impossible it may seem.

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A few words about me:

I consider myself  a highly motivated individual that loves GOD and enjoys exploring the possibilities of life. Being creative and finding the right solution through prayer and good council is a #1 priority and has always kept me driven to succeed in whatever I do.

I have been speaking in front of groups for the purpose of all aspects of sales management, sales training, motivating and evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 20+ years.  In 2012 started a blog to share my thoughts. Since then even though I have retooled the title, look and feel of the blog more that a few times I have garnered readers in over 27 countries world wide.


I believe its due to my mission statement:

"To help guide others from where they are today and where they see their dreams as something possible by helping them discover their purpose and motivating them to know the incredible power that lies in between the minutes of their everyday life” 

In 2013 I set out to author a series of books, recordings and videos in hopes to further progress the impact and reach of my purpose. To that goal, in October of 2013 I published “The 1 Hour Happy Challenge” In this book I help you take a deeper closer introspective discovery into what make YOU uniquely happy.

In May 2014 my second book “First Thing First – Discovering the substance of real success” was released. This book helps people  “Redefine” the concept of success, happiness and joy that most already have in mind. I “Renew” their power and roles with one another and show you how they are inseparable. And lastly I “Reconnect” you with the wisdom of how easy it is to make huge transformations in your life starting right now. To date these books have been read/sold in 9 countries worldwide. This book has been released in paperback, 3 disk CD as well as a downloadable MP4  and has been sold in 7 countries.

I am currently working on a a third book “Purpose, Passion and Paychecks”. I am hoping for an early spring 2019 release. I am also working to bring everything into a video format and we are currently working on bringing you a variety of online workshops that you can dig into just as if I was there to help face to face.

Please Follow this Blog for release dates, pre-order information, and how to add these titles to your personal collections.

Subjects I speak on

In the Business Works section of this site you will see a vast array of workshops (50+)  for your business employee and management health and growth. These Soft Skill workshops range from a 1/2 day to a three day retreat. Soon you will be able to have access to these workshops via an online subscription video workshop.

I am also available to come speak to your group as a trainer, speaker or key note. Subject matter can be chosen from any blog post, podcast or video published on this site or I can develop a personalized topic if required. I normally like to have exploratory conversations before speaking to a group or arranging  a training session. This way I can get an idea of the nuances that make your group unique, then I can customize the subject matter or training to fit.

Contact me today if you would like to schedule me as your next Guest Speaker, Trainer or Keynote Speaker.

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